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College-Bound Douchebag Brags on The Today Show

Posted by thelanetrain on June 18, 2008

This morning on The Today Show, Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera interviewed seventeen year-old Lukasz Zyblut (right after a heart wrenching piece on Ed McMahon), a “whiz kid” from Brooklyn who, for lack of better words, owned the college admission process. Among the top schools he got into? NYU, Georgetown, Columbia, Penn, Princeton, Yale, Cornell, and Dartmouth. AND HE TURNED THEM ALL DOWN! Why? He got into Hahvahd, why else would he play with the other admissions departments’ heartstrings. When asked by Matt why he decided on the Crimson, he replied:

“It’s Harvard after all, you can’t turn that down, and I feel sorry for all of the other great institutions for not ending up there.”

Spoken like a true Ivy League gentlemen: Intelligent sounding and such a wonderfully backhanded compliment! I wish I got to go on Today for being smart…and a douchebag, but I guess since Lukasz is a first generation Polish immigrant who barely knew English and know speaks it fluently, it sorta helps him land a daytime gig. Plus, he’s going to be owned by a bunch of blueblooded wasps at Harvard anyway, so I guess he’ll really find out what America is all about. And we totes found his MySpace to boot! Sort of comes off a little different there (although we’re not sure its him).


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