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Midget Mac First to Leave “I Love Money”, Show is Now Totally Unwatchable

Posted by thelanetrain on July 7, 2008

Who doesn’t love Midget Mac, the most adorable foul-mouthed made-for-tv midget since Gary Coleman?  Well, apparently the cast of VH1’s I Love Money doesn’t, since they voted him out first last night on the season premiere.  Can’t you cut this guy a break?  He has two kids and a third on the way!  Of course, when you start drinking from the moment you enter the house, start creeping out all the ladies, and refuse to wear a bikini to complete challenges, maybe it’s time to back away from the cameras and your second chance at reality TV stardom.

After The Jump: More on Midget Mac and why I Love Money, even after watching it, is still skippable

For the true fans of VH1’s reality garbage shows (yours truly included), you all know Midget Mac very well as the lovable, pint-sized, Don Juan-a-bee of I Love New York Season 2.  There, he created all sorts of funny, awkward, TV-worthy moments, like the time him and Sister Patterson had that special talk about Midget Mac’s shortcomings, the time when Midget Mac had to swim across the pond to woo New York and nearly drowned because he didn’t know how to swim, and that time when New York and Midget Mac finally went on a date, but she refused to kiss him because “it would have been like kissing a three-year-old”.  How adorable!  Plus, this guy is so cool because all of his baseball caps (he seems to own a lot of them) have his name embroidered on the back, so that everyone knows who he is!

Well on the season premiere of I Love Money last night, Midget Mac definitely came off different, and he wasn’t the cute adorable plucky midget that we all remembered from before, but instead came off as a brassy, ballsy, foul-mouthed little boy.  Every other word out of his mouth had to be bleeped.  The rest of the cast hated him, but I loved every minute he was on screen.  It’s impossible not to smile or giggle when he was casually walking through the house holding a bottle of vodka and making the female contestants uncomfortable by cursing and leering at them.  By the way, Midget Mac does have a girlfriend and two kids back home.

So when it finally came time for the cast to divide themselves into two teams, Midget Mac was the last pick, thus eliminating him by default.  This stemmed from his “I-don’t-give-a-fuck” attitude that disqualified him at an earlier challenge (he had to don a bikini while standing in a plexiglass box while money flew all around and had to stuff the money in his “uniform”), and barely defended himself to prevent elimination (when asked to convince the team to pick him, he simply said, “I don’t have to say shit.”).  Pretty much, everything Midget Mac said or did was funny, not just because everyone else in the cast was heads and shoulders above him, but because this guy had an undeniable devil-may-care attitude and showed some true cajones that made for awesome TV.

But now that Midget Mac is gone, I Love Money is just going to be awkward and weird.  Conceptually, it plays out almost exactly like Real World/Road Rules Challenge shows: throwing a bunch of oversexed twenty-and-thirty-somethings in a tricked out mansion in a tropical foreign location, complete with a fully stocked bar and novelty oversized checks.  The role of the “oddball”, previously occupied by Midget Mac, will now be played by Mr. Boston (formerly of I Love New York).  While it was fun to watch stuff happen to Midget Mac and see what his antics were, it’s just that painful to watch Mr. Boston.  Seriously, every move he makes causes me to cringe and look away.  And from the looks of the upcoming previews with scenes of crazy challenges, on-screen romances, and of course, alcohol-fueled drama, this is going to look like every other piece of shit we have seen on television.

I guess the only positive thing I can say about the show is that each contestant (except Nibblz, who is blander than bland) has a unique personality.  Each “character” (as VH1 calls them) has a different look, a different way to approach problems, and a different appeal.  It’s different than RR/RW, where every guy is basically a meathead jock and every girl looks like a model or a rap video extra.  Most people on I Love Money are attractive, but some are not.  And even though we have seen all of them before on other crappy shows, VH1 successfully creates the illusion that they are just real people put into difficult, unique, and often embarrassing situations.  It really is a thrilling mix of chicks, honeys, shorties, brahs, bros, and n*ggaz (although there are no Asian contestants…).

Still, the show is bizarre and tiresome.  I’ll probably skip out on watching the rest of the series.  Unless I hear about Pumkin spitting on someone.  Then I’ll watch the highlights.

UPDATE 10:27am: It should be noted that during the show, all the contestants were asked what they would do with the money.  All gave pretty reasonable responses, except for Pumkin, who flat out said she wants to get a boob job.  Actually, not a bad idea.  Her cans are kinda saggy anyway.  Go for the silicone!


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