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Fun Fact: People In The South are Fat

Posted by thelanetrain on July 18, 2008

This week, the CDC released its annual report of states’ obesity rates, and guess what: Southern people are really really fat.  According to Newsday (one of the many media outlets publishing the reports), 28 U.S. States reported obesity rates between 25-29% in adults ages 18 and older, and three states: Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi, reported rates of over 30%.  In fact, Mississippi is the reigning champ of obesity, being the most obese state for three years running!  In Mississippi, one in every three residents is obese.

The least obese states include Colorado, known for its beautiful mountain climate and many outdoorsy activities and leisure options, and Hawaii, where sun-soaked beaches and tropical weather practically force people to be in beach shape year round.  But a handful of New England states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont, also appear as the nation’s leanest.  I’m not sure why, but those Northeasterners must be doing something right.

The cause of the South’s massive (no pun intended) obseity problem:  Many residents tend to be rural or black female, two groups that typically experience higher rates of obesity.  Also, the lack of phsyical exerisce options and history, poverty that prevents access to better quality medical care and nutrition, and of course, the famed and fiendish Southern diet which deep fries everything with a side of mac and cheese.

Here’s a tip:  A little more walkin’ and a little less snackin’.  This should at least put them lower in the obese range and maybe in the merely overweight range.  Another tip?  Avoid taking any advice from this Southern Belle who has singlehandedly concocted the worst thing you could possibly eat.

(Photograph via Flak Magazine)


3 Responses to “Fun Fact: People In The South are Fat”

  1. drunkdreamer8 said

    just wanted to invite you over to my site at intresting blog.
    C. Apana

  2. J Killa said

    I’m from Savannah and a cook. Yes, there are lots of fat people. They all flock to Paula’s restaurant in hoards to stuff their fat faces with all sorts of fried disgusting delicacies. I’ve never understood it.

  3. move a little said

    It’s really a bad problem all across the country but a recent trip to Tennessee had me scratching my head. Every where I went I was surrounded my obese people. My hotel, a nearby restaurant, at the gas pump and a movie theater. It was surreal, like being in an episode of the twilight zone.
    Cracker Barrel, Waffle House, Capt’n D’s, KFC and Krystals are in charge.
    I’m atta here !

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