The Lane Train

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The Lane Train is a pop culture and news blog that represents the opinions and spins of the editor that runs this. We welcome you, the visitors, to comment on the posts and express your opinions, but here are some rules and regulations that you should follow when writing:

  1. Nasty language will not be tolerated
  2. Flame-baiting, flame wars, and taunting other commenters beyond a reasonable point is not allowed
  3. Be respectful of other commenters and their opinions
  4. The ability to comment here is a privilege, not a right, so be mindful and responsible when writing your comments.  The Lane Train reserves the right to ban offensive comments and commenters.
  5. We, under any circumstances, do not want our blog to become NSFW, so please keep your posts clean.  If your post includes an inappropriate hyperlink or image, it will be deleted.
  6. It’s ok to promote your own website or blog, but the comment boxes are not meant for full advertisements.  Any advertisement disguised as a comment will be deleted, unless you want to pay me.

All comments, regardless, are moderated, and are published with the approval of the blog’s editor. To see an example of what NOT to write, click here.


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