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Brittany Gets the Boot

Posted by thelanetrain on June 18, 2008

Last night on Get In Tila Tequila’s Panties, Tila took the remaining three contestants to the most romantic spot she could think of: Cancun. Because nothing says “I Love You” like glitzy hotels, alcohol-fueled college kids, and Montezuma’s Revenge, right? And of course, Tila made the trip extra romantic for all of them, with activities like jet skiing across the crystal blue waters, riding horses along the beach, and…blowing up condoms using only the contestants’ pelvic thrust. Awww….

So when Brittany was called the “sexiest” condom inflater, one would think that would giver her an edge, right? Wrong. She stupidly chose to have her one-on-one date second, letting Kristy, a big blonde (Tila really has a thing for big blond ladies) get the very last date with her for the trip. Bo, the Alpha male with the cracked jaw, was complaining the whole time about not having enough time with Tila, not being able to jetski, blah blah blah nobody really cares.

However, after it was all said and done, after every contestant got to spend the night pretending to have sex with Tila, and having the awkward breakfast the next morning, the crew arrived back in Los Angeles where Tila chose Bo (because let’s be honest: wouldn’t the finale be so boring if Tila had two girls at the end of the show?) and Kristy, leaving doe-eyed Brittany in tears. Said Ms. Tequila, “I just don’t see a romantic connection with you.” Hmmm, that certainly wasn’t the case when about 48 hours earlier, you two were skipping hand in hand to have some private time behind closed doors. Very strange indeed…

But the worst part of the episode? Finding out that we now have to wait TWO FUCKING WEEKS until the thrilling conclusion and we have to sit through a crappy clip show next Tuesday. Well America, as I’ve said before, what will Tila pick this time: the beef, or the taco?


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