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Weekend Wrapup – Successes and Failures

Posted by thelanetrain on June 23, 2008

This weekend was pretty relaxed.  Friday night was chill as I saw my friend Nate who I hadn’t seen since last summer and had dinner at this pretty so-so Japanese place on the Upper West Side.  The highlight of the night was a neurotic old woman started asking us to move so we could accommodate her party of ten or whatever.  And when the waitstaff wanted to move us to the back of the restaurant, she goes, “No, you don’t want to sit back there, do you?”  Frankly, I couldn’t give a damn.

On Saturday I ran…a lot.  Started the morning off right by running around the Central Park reservoir, running errands, etc…  Then I met Ari, his girl Shauna, and her lil’ sis (in her sorority) for some shopping along Fifth Avenue.  After that, I came home and ran some more (on a treadmill this time) before meeting them and Ari’s roommate at Johnny Utah’s.  I was pretty impressed by the proper southern/wild west theme.  They had a private dining room that looked like it was inside a bank vault.  And, they have a mechanical bull in the middle of the main dining room!  Too bad the food was mediocre and overpriced, but I guess that’s what happens when you pay for the atmosphere and the gimmicks.  Afterwards we went back downtown to Ari’s place, hung out some more, and then met Kristen and Jeremy on the pier at the seaport for some drinks overlooking Lower Manhattan.  It was nice way to end the evening.

Sunday my Dad came in and we tried to go to Ikea Brooklyn, but it was impossible.  There was traffic (bumper-to-bumper, and barely moving) along all the local side streets leading up to the store.  We couldn’t even make it to the parking lot!  So we turned around and headed to Target instead.  Then I came home, prepared for a long week of work ahead, and went to sleep.

But the best news this weekend is that a lot of you loyal readers must have been telling your friends about the blog, because somehow, our daily hits have gone way up!  We had more visitors to our site on Saturday than in our entire first two weeks, and on Sunday we finally reached over 1,000 daily hits!  We couldn’t have done this without you, the loyal viewers, and we hope you continue to visit the blog.  It’s gonna be a busy week ahead, I can tell, so keep coming back for more pop culture, entertainment, and odd news!


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Weekend Wrapup – Hookah, Brooklyn, and Father’s Day

Posted by thelanetrain on June 16, 2008

It’s nice not to blog about pop culture media sometimes, and this weekend, I took refuge from furiously scouring the internet for stories (which I’ll resume at the end of this post…I have one lined up already). My cousin came to visit for the weekend and stayed over at the apartment. After some catching up, I headed to midtown to meet Kristen and Jeremy for a nice relaxing evening in the East Village. I found my favorite sketchy hookah bar and the three of us spent an hour there sipping Egyptian Lemonades and smoking banana hookah. Along the way, there was an interesting conversation where Jeremy informed Kristen about the time he first met her (which, according to him, she didn’t remember at all), and needless to say, some awkward conversation and glances followed. Something about a frat party, some drinks, and hookup embarassment strange alcohol-fueled evening between mutual friends at a frat party. Fun times!

Saturday ended up being much more relaxed than I wanted it to. Sanyu was in town visiting some museums and hanging out in Brooklyn, while I told Kristen that I wanted to go to Vampire Weekend. Unfortunately, both parties thought I was gonna hang out with the other, which led to me doing neither, which was good because around 4 it started raining buckets and I stayed in. Later, I ended up hiking out to Williamsburg which involved staring down the Lexington Avenue platform at a 4 train sitting just feet away from the station, which then led to me getting soaked in the rain trying to hail a taxi, which got caught in traffic, so I hopped out at 33rd street and took the subway the rest of the way to Williamsburg. So glad to see Sanyu after a nearly two year hiatus. After wandering around for an hour, we got some pizza, then I said goodbye and hopped the subway home.

Sunday, Father’s Day, was a boring day, save for the family drama that ensued at my Aunt’s house in Scarsdale, but I enjoyed some tasty steak. Mostly a housecleaning day with getting my food prepared for the week, doing laundry, and catching up, but nonetheless, hoping that the week and next weekend will be much more exciting.

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Weekend Wrapup – Pinkberry, Belmont, and Lockdown

Posted by thelanetrain on June 9, 2008

The weekend was uneventful, yet somewhat exciting. I had dinner at a bland (but not overpriced) thai restaurant on the Upper East Side. Probably some of the most tasteless, heavy massaman curry I have had yet. Later, my friend and I finished off our meal with a trip to the ever popular Pinkberry, you know, just to see what all the hype is about. I’m not sure why everyone flocks to Pinkberry, or why women line up 30 deep for this overpriced “it tastes good and it’s not fattening” treat, but Pinkberry happens to be one of the most vile things I have ever tasted. Not even my generous scoop of cocoa pebbles could make it taste any better. Why can’t it taste more like ice cream and less like shit? Maybe they should rename it “Stinkberry”, or “This stuff sucks”, or “Go waste your money elsewhere”.

On Saturday, the weather shot up to 93 degrees as Kristen and I ventured out on overcrowded LIRR trains to Belmont Park for the 140th Belmont Stakes. Sadly, we left early, but between the $4 water, the 90,000+ people, the hot humid weather, and that I lost about $20 on bets, was it really worth it to stay? Yeah, Big Brown was probably going to win, but it wasn’t worth being uncomfortable about it. We left around 4:45 (after Race 8 and my only winning bet of the day, which netted me $1), to head over to the Village for Mexican food. There, in the climate controlled comfort of an indoor restaurant surrounded by 24 ounce margaritas and salty tortilla chips, we saw Big Brown choke the big one and a horse with 38 to 1 odds win the race. Awesome. Also, I didn’t think you could do worse than $4 water at the racetrack, but with $5 gelato for dessert, apparently you can.

Sunday sucked. I went to sleep waaay too late the night before and was woken up by the loud noises of the Puerto Rican Day Parade outside the building. I didn’t even leave my apartment until that afternoon, when the parade ended and traffic resumed its normal patterns, but as soon as I left, I was met with a heavy downpour. Literally, I walked about 4 blocks and was half soaked before buying an umbrella at Duane Reade. Took a walk down the West Side for a nice change in scenery, then came back and had dinner and went to sleep early.

Today I start my new job at the software company, where I will be setting up for a trade show in midtown. Should be pretty exciting, and so far, as I unpack and repack crates between the air conditioned cubicles of the office, it sure beats running up and down the West Side yelling at landlords to open up buildings for some crazy unpaid photographer.

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