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Tonight on TV: The Barack Obama Smile Time Variety Half-Hour Spectacular!

Posted by thelanetrain on October 29, 2008

It’s the can’t miss event tonight on Primetime.  Actually it’ll be on three of the major four networks so you can’t miss it (unless you really like Pushing Daisies).  Barack Obama’s half-hour ad is attempting to appeal to the entire nation, not just a bunch of swing dates and districts.  By airing nationally, he will try to show that we are all united, as one nation in throwing our vote and support towards him.  And he’ll probably say a lot about spreading the wealth, change, hope, etc… you know the damn drill already.

Although I wish it was more like this.


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Friday’s Political Roundup

Posted by thelanetrain on October 24, 2008

Hah, this actually happened last week (I think) after Sen. John McCain mistakenly walked off the stage in the wrong direction (and not, according to popular belief, by trying to initiate a game of grabass with Sen. Obama).  But aside from this attention grabbing (pun intended) picture, two very important political items occurred this week, one local and one bizarre.  Details after the jump.

After The Jump: A mayor for life and a Hockey Mom goes to Neiman?

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Has The Hills Gone…Downhill?

Posted by thelanetrain on October 24, 2008

It’s still the number one show on MTV, but chances are, you’ve probably been skipping The Hills to watch actual scripted teenage drama.  Yes, there are definite signs that the juggernaut of all reality shows is slowly backsliding like the folks on Celebrity Rehab.  In this post, I’ll try to explain some of the unsettling omens that the fantasy playworld of Lauren, Whitney, Heidi and Audrina may soon cease to exist.

After The Jump: Evaluating The Hills post stardom

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My First Poll: User Feedback Time

Posted by thelanetrain on October 23, 2008

As I mentioned in the post below, my posts lately have been kind of erratic.  The calendar on the left will show that in the last month alone, I have posted very infrequently and on odd days and times, so to BETA test this brand new poll feature that the fine folks at WordPress have introduced, I would like to ask you, my readers, how often I should update the blog.

With that, here goes nothing:

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Personal Promotion Time!

Posted by thelanetrain on October 23, 2008

Hi everyone!

Time for some organizational stuff.  In an effort to boost my presence online and prepare for full-blown internet coverage of an upcoming semester abroad, I have decided to join Twitter.  You can access my profile here.  I pretty much just set it up so forgive me if its barebones, but if you want to follow me around and know what I’m up to when I’m not snarking it up (and consequently, why this blog has been so erratic in recent weeks), go for it.  It’s all part of my masterplan to be the next Nick Denton, or Julia Allison (*shudder*).

In the meantime, below is a video that I recently made with my fellow comedians.  It pretty much answers the question of what would happen if two of our most beloved products were merged into a single entity: sports drinks and cheap liquor.  Enjoy!

I would recommend clicking through to the video page and watching in HD if the quality on this post sucks.

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Posted by thelanetrain on October 20, 2008


Gawker reported today in its gossip roundup that the two were “whisper-fighting” on an Amtrak train to Washington, and while the brawl never escalated into a full-fledged fight, Lindsay was apparently talking smack about VP nominee Sarah Palin and advocating for herself rather than the couple.  The most troubling thing about this item?  The fact that Lindsay has to ride around the nation on a train than, say, in a private chauffered limo.  Ruh-oh…

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Friday Roundup

Posted by thelanetrain on October 17, 2008

Oh man, was this week killer or what?  So aside from learning all about some dude named Joe and how he lays pipe (heh heh) at the third presidential debate, there’s been nothing else to focus on, right?  Well, there’s this, but other than that, has anyone else been keeping tabs of anything not economy or election related?  Oh wait, I have.  Even though I haven’t updated in a while (I told you I was going on hiatus!), there’s actually a fair amount of big name news to report…after you click below at least!  I’ll dish on Oliver Stone’s new movie, a possible showdown on SNL, and Madonna’s divorce (for reals, not like that BS from the summer).

After The Jump: The Friday Rundown

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Just In Case You Were Wondering…

Posted by thelanetrain on October 3, 2008

Because the house passed the $700 billion bailout plan, it will cost the American taxpayer about $2,300 extra in taxes.  That’s roughly 1 Macbook Pro per person to help keep Wall Street running.

Isn’t this awesome?

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I Wish I Was Making This Up

Posted by thelanetrain on October 2, 2008

As if VH1 couldn’t milk the Surreal Life-Strange Love-Flavor of Love-I Love New York-Charm School train any more, it turns out that Chance and Real, the two brothers who were contestants on I Love New York (a reality show featuring a contestant from Flavor of Love), are now in a reality show of their own.  Yes, they will be the strapping young bachelors on their very own show called…wait for it…Real Chance of Love.


I seriously wish this was a joke, but it’s not.  VH1 is very excited to roll out this show.  And why wouldn’t they?  Because who doesn’t want to see a bunch of half-naked hoochies running around a Hollywood Hills home drunk off their ass while fighting, swearing, pulling off their clothes during a wrestling match, getting all down and dirty….

Ok, so there are some positive qualities, but I’m sick of the network rehashing the same exact formula for shitty reality shows.  In their press release, VH1 said:

America’s two favorite brothers Real and Chance tried to steal New York’s heart in the VH1’s hit series I Love New York but were both left broken-hearted. Now the Stallionaires are back and ready to find love in their own new 11-episode series. Real and Chance will get their much deserved, and much anticipated chance to find real love as 15 young ladies move into their Stallionaire ranch house and try to capture their hearts.

I’m sorry, but didn’t they just appear on a show to try and win a shitload of money because they weren’t looking for love?  Don’t they just want sweet cold cash instead?

Well, whatever VH1, I’m sure this show will make Flavor of Love will look like Roots, or at least, Oprah.

By the way, this makes me laugh.  We, as viewers, must be fucking retarded.

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On Hiatus

Posted by thelanetrain on October 1, 2008

You’ve probably noticed the lack of posts recently.  Well, unfortunately this has nothing to do with the huge clusterfuck of a financial crisis we’re in right now, but it does have to do with other prevailing forces that are preventing me from working on the blog.  So until further notice, this blog is going to stay dormant for awhile until I can get a free moment to post.

Or better stated, this blog will no longer post daily, but probably weekly or biweekly.  At least until further notice.


The Lane Train

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