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No, You Can’t Name Your Child That

Posted by thelanetrain on July 24, 2008

Found this story via AOL News.  A New Zealand judge has decided in the favor of a nine-year-old girl in allowing her to change her name from something other than what her parents named her.  The girl, who was formerly known as “Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii”, will have her name legally changed to something more sensible.  According to New Zealand law, she can change it to any other popular common girls name, or a string of approved “specialty” names, like Number 16 Bus Shelter or Violence.  However, she can’t rename herself “Fish and Chips”.  That’s a no-no.

The more interesting item on this page was the Orlando couple featured below who actually sold the naming rights to their unborn son to a local radio station in exchange for a $100 gas card.  You can’t do that!  First of all, you’re letting a bunch of shock jocks take over your baby’s moniker (and they could have named him something obscene, like Pussy Wagon, but luckily, they’re just naming the kid after themselves).  Second, you’re letting the Arabs win!  Imagine what a weird place this country would be if we had $6 gas and everyone was named like a celebrity baby.  Jeez.

They should have just named the damn kid “Unleaded”.


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