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Has The Hills Gone…Downhill?

Posted by thelanetrain on October 24, 2008

It’s still the number one show on MTV, but chances are, you’ve probably been skipping The Hills to watch actual scripted teenage drama.  Yes, there are definite signs that the juggernaut of all reality shows is slowly backsliding like the folks on Celebrity Rehab.  In this post, I’ll try to explain some of the unsettling omens that the fantasy playworld of Lauren, Whitney, Heidi and Audrina may soon cease to exist.

After The Jump: Evaluating The Hills post stardom

Commercial Overexposure

Most shows that jump the shark do so because of their ridiculous amounts of overexposure and press.  Lauren and her boytoy fameballing “friend” Brody Jenner recently starred in this wireless commercial.  Heidi and her fiance (I still shudder at the thought that someone would voluntarily marry that seacow) have begun to finance more “Hills” related projects all over the country, including this mediocre bar.  And Whitney and Audrina are trying to pursue careers or something.  Maybe its me but perhaps if the Hills wasn’t trying so hard to permeate every aspect of our life, it might not be so annoying.

Whitney Is Out

We all know that one Hills star is definitely not going to be on set next season, and fortunately (or unfortunately), it’s Whitney, Lauren’s whiny, interrogating BFFAE who “works” with her.  The bad news?  She’s leaving to go work in New York to film her own spin-off series The City.  According to that article from Wikipedia, she makes friends with foreigners, socialites, and even works for one!  So with Whitney out and about running amuck in NYC, who will carry the torch back on the left coast?  Oh right, her.  I HATE her.

It’s Simply Not Reality Anymore

Part of what made The Hills fascinating and somewhat fun at first is that it provided a real life look into the real lives of young twentysomethings in LA.  But that facade has all but gone to hell in a handbasket as The Hills is about as realistic as an uplifting Disney movie.  College OTR blogger Paul Tassi recently lamented on Lauren’s recent gift of a $115,000 Audi for doing nothing but “having fights and talking about boys”.  Plus, isn’t weird how everyone from The Hills always eats al fresco, they attend exclusive VIP parties and clubs, fly on private jets, live in spacious, well appointed apartments, and all while they are still “interning” at their respective jobs fresh out of college?  Even John McCain called them actresses.  Sometimes I wish my life was filmed with perfectly constructed multi-camera angles and a soundtrack that expressed every iota of emotion I felt.

So to you, MTV, I say, please fix The Hills until it is all forgotten.  Who knows, you might actually lose in the ratings race to Gossip Girl one of these days…


One Response to “Has The Hills Gone…Downhill?”

  1. Kevin said

    it’s true.
    i dont even remember the last episode i watched…

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