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Friday’s Political Roundup

Posted by thelanetrain on October 24, 2008

Hah, this actually happened last week (I think) after Sen. John McCain mistakenly walked off the stage in the wrong direction (and not, according to popular belief, by trying to initiate a game of grabass with Sen. Obama).  But aside from this attention grabbing (pun intended) picture, two very important political items occurred this week, one local and one bizarre.  Details after the jump.

After The Jump: A mayor for life and a Hockey Mom goes to Neiman?

In a majority vote today, the New York City council backed incumbent Mayor Bloomberg’s bid to run for a third term by abolishing the two term limit.  According to the article, not only would this prevent voters from “forcing him out of office”, but would allow him to spend upwards of $80 million on the campaign and become the favorite.  Oh well, looks like we’re stuck with another four years of safe streets, unprecedented city pride, and a continuation of being one of America’s greenest cities.  Rats.

Meanwhile, VP nominee and former beauty pageant contestant Sarah Palin was criticized for spending roughly $150,000 on designer clothes at upscale retailers such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, because if this pitbull in lipstick is going to win, she needs to look FABULOUS.  Actually, newer reports are saying that the money was spent by the RNC, not Palin herself, but the news of such frivolity has critics biting.  Nevertheless, Palin spoke out against the allegations, and in an effort to once again to relate to the Joe Sixpacks and Real Americans out there, she lamented that Americans could perhaps relate “if only they knew how frugal we are”.

Yeah right.


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