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Personal Promotion Time!

Posted by thelanetrain on October 23, 2008

Hi everyone!

Time for some organizational stuff.  In an effort to boost my presence online and prepare for full-blown internet coverage of an upcoming semester abroad, I have decided to join Twitter.  You can access my profile here.  I pretty much just set it up so forgive me if its barebones, but if you want to follow me around and know what I’m up to when I’m not snarking it up (and consequently, why this blog has been so erratic in recent weeks), go for it.  It’s all part of my masterplan to be the next Nick Denton, or Julia Allison (*shudder*).

In the meantime, below is a video that I recently made with my fellow comedians.  It pretty much answers the question of what would happen if two of our most beloved products were merged into a single entity: sports drinks and cheap liquor.  Enjoy!

I would recommend clicking through to the video page and watching in HD if the quality on this post sucks.


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