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Friday Roundup

Posted by thelanetrain on October 17, 2008

Oh man, was this week killer or what?  So aside from learning all about some dude named Joe and how he lays pipe (heh heh) at the third presidential debate, there’s been nothing else to focus on, right?  Well, there’s this, but other than that, has anyone else been keeping tabs of anything not economy or election related?  Oh wait, I have.  Even though I haven’t updated in a while (I told you I was going on hiatus!), there’s actually a fair amount of big name news to report…after you click below at least!  I’ll dish on Oliver Stone’s new movie, a possible showdown on SNL, and Madonna’s divorce (for reals, not like that BS from the summer).

After The Jump: The Friday Rundown

  • Republican VP nominee, Alaskan Governor, and former Beauty Pageant contestant Sarah Palin will be featured on an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live.  That’s right, the nominee and the Sarah Palin everyone’s been relating too.  In the same room!  According to the New York Daily News, she’ll be on the show this weekend (OMFG SET THE TIVO!!!).  I hope that there’s a question and answer portion, as well as a swimsuit contest.  Also, Tina Fey recently compared Sarah Palin to Sling Blade.
  • Oliver Stone’s new movie W. was released today.  Yes, the Bush-bashing movie we’ve all been waiting for (sorry Michael Moore) is now finally out for the world to see.  It stars Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Banks, Ellen Burstyn, and Richard Dreyfuss, and it tells the story of how a rich drunk fratboy got his act together to lead the free world and still act like a moron.  Critics are hardly calling it the best movie ever, as it has been getting mixed reviews, but this author would still like to see how those Yalie DKE‘s throw down with binge drinking and branding.  YEE-HAW!
  • Madonna is getting a divorce from that English dude.  Finally.  According to the New Zealand Herald (because what media outlet is better qualified, right?), the couple are still cordial and civil, but after seven-and-a-half years, have decided to call it quits.  No official statements have been released, most likely for the sake of their children.  Gawker, however, has some of their own allegations.
  • Former teen star and current scientology slave Katie Holmes made her much anticipated Broadway debut last night in All My Sons.  She was kinda forgettable.  Too bad for all those suckers who paid upwards of $250 for tickets.
  • Finally, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, a live action Disney Movie about Chihuahuas in Beverly Hills, was the number one movie for two weekends in a row.  How. Fucking. Pathetic. Are. We.

Have a good weekend everyone!


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