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Viral Video: The Palin/Clinton Sketch

Posted by thelanetrain on September 15, 2008

So Saturday Night Live premiered this weekend with guest host Michael Phelps (he won 8 gold medals at the Beijing Games, remember?).  But that’s not the special guest most people were talking about come Sunday and Monday.  Phelps’ acting chops (best summarized by his inability to memorize lines and proof that he should stick to swimming) were completey upstaged by Tina Fey‘s appearance as VP nominee Sarah Palin in the show’s opening sketch.  In this five minute comedic blockbuster (with Amy Poehler as Hillary), SNL proves that they still have the potential to be really fucking funny.  Too bad the rest of the show was utterly forgettable.

Now if anyone can tell me what a flurge is, that’d be awesome.


One Response to “Viral Video: The Palin/Clinton Sketch”

  1. Kevin said

    this is the funniest thing ever.
    i can’t stop watching it.

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