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And Now for Something Not Election Related

Posted by thelanetrain on September 9, 2008

Hi faithful readers!

I know I haven’t posted in about a week or so, maybe because I’m still trying to deal with all the Palin fever.  But to break the dry spell that I’m sure has been bothering you all (and myself included), I’ve decided to post something not related to politics.  At all.

So in the vein of last week’s post on TV shows your girlfriend will be glued to come Monday, add this one to the register.  Oh wait, it’s not even on TV.  Oh wait, the main star isn’t even an actress (sort of).

The latest hyped up “OMG DRAMA” serial is Sorority Forever, a web-series on (because where else are you going to put those reruns of The Steve Harvey Show, Family Matters, and Sister Sister?).  All in all it looks like a clone of Greek, except with hotter, bitchier, sluttier sorostitutes.  And who is the star that looks so familiar but you just can’t place her?  Why, it’s former interneterweb sensation Lonelygirl15, who is making a stab at legitimate acting, even if it is in her native medium.

Oh, and isn’t it cute that the show’s logo uses a Greek letter?  OMG Awesome!


One Response to “And Now for Something Not Election Related”

  1. Look at life through the windshield, not the rear-view mirror.ByrdBaggettByrd Baggett

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