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Kate Moss Immortalized as Gold Statue, Colossal Waste of Money

Posted by thelanetrain on August 28, 2008

The post-modern contemporary batshit crazy art world has certainly seen its fair share of bizarre and strange works,and in the grand tradition of freaking people out and gathering a collective “WTF??”, British sculptor Marc Quinn has added to this ever growing collection of artistic oddities.  According to E! via Yahoo, Quinn unveiled a $2.8 million gold statue of famous supermodel/coke pirate Kate Moss.  Quinn, whose Moss obsession was seen in an earlier work where he created a plaster version of Moss in an odd yoga pose (dubbed “Sphinx”), is said to have created the largest gold statue since Ancient Egypt, with the sculpture weighing in at 110 pounds (about one Kate Moss).  When asked why he decided to sculpt Moss, Quinn replied:

“I thought the next thing to do would be to make a sculpture of the person who’s the ideal beauty of the moment…but even Kate Moss doesn’t live up to the image.”

In other words, it makes total sense that the poster child of anorexia and cocaine abuse gets a fucking gold statue made of her, while other former models who do good with their lives…don’t.  Plus, this has to be the British’s way of saying that they (meaning their people) have enough disposable income to be able to spend it on something as frivolous as a gold statue.

Then again…


7 Responses to “Kate Moss Immortalized as Gold Statue, Colossal Waste of Money”

  1. Yeah, IDk what to think about this one. Like is it really worth thought?

    I hear ya!


  2. CR said

    Yeah, I think it’s worth a little thought (maybe not much!). But all those gold statues from antiquity– were those people worth any more than Kate? Or was it just the same old BS?


  3. Meg said

    Could this be any more ridiculous!? Whose would go with such an idiotic plan!

  4. Mike said

    But since you guys (americans I’m guessing) have no concept of subtlety, the whole thing is going to pass you by. If I were you I’d just give up.

  5. Jim said

    WTF!!! Are you serious? That 2.8 Million could have been used more wiser than to sir come to some perverts fantasies with the anorexic crack head. This world is over.

  6. Lee said

    You nerds need to lighten up. You have problems with depictions of the female body, perhaps? Would you prefer a solid gold dick? I think so, you UK buggers.
    – From Texas

  7. LJB said

    Kate is a Beauty, leave her alone. She came into her career on accident (at age 14) and is one of the most top paid models around—and she will be celebrating a late 30s birthday soon and she is gorgeous as ever! She has made some mistakes, haven’t we all? Let he without sin be the first to cast the stone (aka shut the fuck up and leave her alone)!!!


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