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Facebook the Movie? No No No No No….

Posted by thelanetrain on August 28, 2008


The LA Times put out quite the disturbing article today.  Apparently, mega-writer Aaron Sorkin is penning a Facebook movie.  That’s right, we’ve moved right into an age where the most sprawling, life-sucking, omnipresent social networking site is now considered grounds for commercial cinema.  According to the article, Sorkin is working with Sony Pictures and producer Scott Rudin to write the script about how a Harvard reject named Mark Zuckerberg started what is arguably today’s most influential website (behind Yahoo and Google, of course).  Facebook, of course, has not signed on with the project yet, claiming that they are constantly approached by hundreds of studio-types who would like to make a movie based on the site’s founding, but Sorkin has already begun conducting essential film research by, doing what else, starting a Facebook group.

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3 Responses to “Facebook the Movie? No No No No No….”

  1. chumpman said

    hah?? nooooo! enough of facebook!! now a movie??

  2. This sort of multimedia overexposure may be just what the doctor ordered to destroy social networking once and for all.

  3. David Gerard said

    I’ve made the poster for the Facebook movie.

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