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Double Feature: Olympics and DNC Wrap-Up

Posted by thelanetrain on August 28, 2008

Oh man, what a whirlwind few weeks it’s been.  The Beijing Olympics wrapped up this past Sunday and right after that, some crazy party got underway in Denver.  China won a slew of gold medals, had underage gymnasts, and was embarassed when it got caught for forging the opening ceremonies and when its star sprinter got injured and withdrew.  Then Barack Obama like, totally text messaged everyone that his VP was going to be the spokesman for Bosley Hair Club for Men.  All this led up to a loud, wild, screaming throng of Democrats who unanimously showed support for the junior Illinois senator to be their man in the contest for the Oval Office.  Ladies and Gentlemen, the race is on.  Meow.

After the Jump:  Final thoughts on the Olympics, plus thoughts on the DNC

So to be completely honest, I really stopped caring about The Olympics after Michael Phelps became the greatest person to ever live.  The rest of the games were somewhat of a disappointment.  For starters, the US track team totally fumbled during the relays, and a trash-talking pole vaulter lost to the target of her taunts.  Apparently, some sort of an investigation is being launched into whether or not He Kexin, one of China’s gymnasts, was really 16 at the time of the competition, and this guy was the only dude to win a diving medal who was not of Chinese descent.  Oh, and some of the horses in the equestrian event USED DRUGS.

As for the DNC (or as I’d like to call it, a five day love-letter to Barack Obama), things got off to a cutesy start when potential first lady Michelle Obama delivered a rousing speech followed by some Q&A between the kids and their Daddy via satellite.  Also, there was a heartwarming moment when Ted Kennedy delivered a poignant speech in what was this year’s most touching moment.  We also saw a speech from former rival (really?  former?) Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill.  And finally, as expected, the Democrats nominated the Ilinois Senator for the White House.  The nomination not only concludes what has been a riveting, frenzied run for the Democratic candidate, but constitutes the first time that a person of color has been nominated for the Commander-In-Chief that represents one of our two major national parties (and so what if he’s only half black?).

Finally, The Lane Train would like to salute Mr. Obama and all of the U.S. Athletes that competed overseas on behalf of this country.  You make us all proud to be Americans.

UPDATE 10:45 PM: Gawker has graciously created a 90 second reel containing all of the major highlights of the DNC so far.  You can view that video here.


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