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Fourth Judge to Join American Idol, Coca Cola to Add One More Free Jumbo Cup

Posted by thelanetrain on August 25, 2008

First, to all my readers:  I’m sorry, I haven’t updated in like a whole freakin’ week.  I’ve been moving around and it’s a royal pain the ass.  I’m no longer based out of NYC (insert sad face here), but hopefully I can still deliver the news to y’all on a semi-regular basis (I hope).

Anyway, this story caught my eye, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.  Apparently, American Idol, Fox’s juggernaut talent singing competition show (or as some comedian once called it, “Future Lounge Singers of Tomorrow), is getting kinda stale.  We all heard that a major producer quit the show after last season, and now a fourth judge is being thrown into the mix.  This lady, whose moniker will be a household name by the end of this season (it’s Kara DioGuardi, so start learning it now), is a seasoned songwriter and veteran of the music industry who’s worked with Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, David Archuleta, Britney Spears, The Jonas Brothers, and many many many more artists.

As for her signature catchphrase?  We don’t know yet.  It’s kind of hard to mess with the Dawg/You’re special/You’re terrible triumverate, but whatever.  Fox rarely screws up on these reality competition shows. Oh wait…


2 Responses to “Fourth Judge to Join American Idol, Coca Cola to Add One More Free Jumbo Cup”

  1. Amber said

    Dude…I had no idea the producers quit the show. So you think you can dance? is definitely a competitor now.

  2. Kevin said

    am asking where can i find the request to join american idol

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