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China Leads Medal Count, But Where’s Canada?

Posted by thelanetrain on August 14, 2008

Thanks to Yang Wei, the Chinese gymnast who nabbed the gold in last night’s (or morning’s) all-around individual event, the Chinese are now first overall in the medal count as of last night.  But don’t worry, flag waving Americans, our rootin’ tootin’ team is just one medal behind (and leading in silver and bronze medals to boot!).  What’s more pressing, however, is that our neighbors to the north have garnered zero medals so far.  And we’re already almost a third of the way done with the games.

But the Canadian government, is like, totally cool with it.  Even patriotic Canadians are cheering and screaming for their succesful athletes, even though not a single one has brought home any hardware yet. And even though Canada is locked in massive tie in 79th place (ha!) for overall medals (or lack thereof), the CBC thinks that they’re totally going to dominate Track and Field.

Maybe for just one night, Stephen Harper should consider adopting Michael Phelps as Canada’s native son…


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