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Quote of the Day

Posted by thelanetrain on August 13, 2008

“That was special, but it was also strange because she’s (sister Jamie Lynn) always been the baby, and now the baby was having a baby. It was mind-boggling. I was shocked a little bit. But it was really cool.” – Britney Spears, on becoming an aunt.

Haha, the baby is having a baby.  So clutch Brit!

But seriously, it looks as if the tabloid queen slash popstar is on her way to making a huge comeback.  Britney recently gave an interview to OK! Magazine regarding her new drama-free ways and offered tidbits on her new album and hopes for her boys.  She says her new album will be released in the next 6-9 months and that she wants a normal life for Sean Preston and Jayden James.

In a related story, Spears was also rumored to have been chosen to play a killer lesbian stripper in an upcoming Quentin Tarantino movie, but those reports have been denied by her publicist.  Dammit…


One Response to “Quote of the Day”

  1. Kevin said

    that would be hott – yes, with two T’s

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