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Movie Review: Pineapple Express

Posted by thelanetrain on August 11, 2008

I saw this movie this past Saturday in a theatre full of loud kids and potential definite stoners.  Those who say that this is the ultimate stoner movie have clearly not seen enough Cheech and Chong, but the premise and plot make it a film that would probably be enjoyed more if the viewer was baked.  The comedy comes in typical Rogen-esque doses, with long pop-culture laden monologues and dialogues between characters interrupted intermittently by the laughter of the audience, but it totally works.  And while this movie cements the fact that Seth Rogen is the go-to guy for movies with fat stoners, I really can’t complain too much about the way the elements fit in this particular picture.

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Dale Denton (Rogen) works as a process servant and spends his days serving subpoenas and smoking pot.  One day, he visits his dealer Saul Silver (James Franco) and buys a rare strain called “Pineapple Express”.  After stopping over at the local high school to visit his girlfriend (Amber Heard), he heads out to serve his last subpoena to Ted Jones (Gary Cole), who unbeknownst to Denton is a drug lord.  As Denton pulls up to the house, he sees a cop pull up behind him and quickly hides his joint.  The officer, Carol Brazier (Rosie Perez) ignores Denton and goes into the house instead.  Suddenly, gunshots are fired, and Denton sees a man die before his eyes, with Jones and the female officer shooting.  Panicked, Denton tries to escape, but hits the parked cars by him and ditches the joint in the street.  He flees to Saul’s house, and when he realizes that Saul is the only dealer with Pineapple Express, the two flee from the apartment and start a wild goose chase, running from Jones’ hitmen and all those associated with him.

If the movie did anything for me, it cemented for me Seth Rogen’s ability to really play only kind of character: the big goofy lovable stoner who always comes out alright.  I think Rogen does a great job playing this character, and he’s certainly made a great run of movies with this persona, but in Pineapple Express, the schtick gets a little tiresome.  In contrast to Franco’s character, Rogen definitely pulls ahead as the moral arm, although the character of Saul Silver is much more memorable and funnier.  Nothing quite says “stupid dumbfuck stoner” like the scene where Saul and Denton are being chased by Brazier in a two-cop car pursuit that winds up with Saul’s leg through a windshield and Brazier left almost helpless in an awesome car crash sequence.

The movie started out kind of slow in the beginning (save for a hilarious intro featuring the ever-funnier Bill Hader) and eventually got into sheer ridiculousness.  We see Denton trying to fend off defensive fathers and ruthless drug lords.  We see a surreal yet brilliantly awesome fight scene between the protagonists, the bad guys, and a third party.  We hear some incredible lines of dialogue.  In one exchange between Saul, Denton, and Saul’s supplier, Red, the third points to his hairless armpits.

Red: You see this?  There’s no hair under here.

Denton: Whats’ the significance of that?

Red: It makes me aerodynamic.  For fighting!

The film, however, is mostly made up of gems like this.  Witty one, two, or three liners spliced together with crazy fight scenes, physical humor, and moments of stoner glory.  As a goofball comedy, it works brilliantly, but I wouldn’t take it any more beyond that.  My only major complaint is that the film, like a good joint, takes time before it really starts to work its magic over on the viewer/user, and I only wish I could have started to feel the buzz a little sooner.


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  1. Rick Boyer said

    Hi. I read a few of your other posts and wanted to know if you would be interested in exchanging blogroll links?

  2. ktauyo said

    Cheech and Chong is ultimate

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