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Jeez, How Much More Can Detroit Suck?

Posted by thelanetrain on August 8, 2008

If anyone tells you they live in Detroit, I think it’s automatic you feel pity for them.  Even though they’re a stones throw away from a hippie Liberal nation with free healthcare and magical Maple Syrup geysers, Detroit has been plagued by crime, the decline of the auto industry, crime, Eminem, crime, and did I mention a lot of crime?  Although nothing says that your city has hit rock-bottom when your own mayor is thrown jail.  Seriously.

Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was sent to jail when he violated the judge’s orders by making a quick trip to Windsor, Ontario for “city business”.  Kilpatrick, who was already charged with perjury and various felonies, apologized, but nontheless has to report to jail until his trial, which convenes in September.  He’s thankful, at least, that he’ll get his own cell because he’s a “high-profile inmate”, but will have to wear a jumpsuit like everyone else.

What. a. loser.


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