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ZOMG New Post!!!

Posted by thelanetrain on August 4, 2008

Oh hey, so sorry for neglecting you, my dear readers.  Well, it’s been a while…only a week, but still a long time since I posted something new.  I’m gonna be honest, it’s been a slow week, and also, I’ve been obsessing about the Montauk Monster that shored up online a bit ago.  But aside from seeing that horrible horrible corpse of a hellspawn wash up, here are some other things that have been happening in the world:

  • The Hiltons and the McCains are having a hissy fit.  Apparently, it was totally not cool that even though Hilton family gave the McCain campaign $60,000 in donations, McCain used Paris’ image in a Barack Obama attack ad, so now like, they are totally not BFFAE anymore.  Kathy Hilton even wrote a letter in defense of her daughter!
  • The Dark Knight was #1 at the Box Office for the third straight week in a row, mostly because it is a) awesome and b) nothing good came out this past weekend.  Also, Kevin Costner’s new movie bombed (predictable).  Bring on Pineapple Express!
  • A thing washed up on Montauk beach in Long Island and quickly became a huge internet sensation.  The best part is that none of the original images have been photoshopped and even though Gawker was the first to break the story, it got reports on all the major cable news stations!  Yay for apocalyptic internet memes!
  • Tucker Max, the internet king of raunchy college stories in which he gets drunk, acts like a douchebag, and bonks girls only to dispose of them like used tissues, is coming out with a movie based on his rapey toolshed life.
  • The price of crude oil fell below $120 per gallon today, but that still won’t stop those fucking gas stations from gouging you at the pump.
  • People has officially released its most expensive magazine cover ever: A shot of Brangelina and the twins that cost the publication $14 million dollars! Somebody remind me again if Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie do anything anymore?
  • And of course, the Summer Olympics begin this Friday.  Let the performance enhancing drug-fest begin!

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