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And Now, a Special Message From Amy Winehouse

Posted by thelanetrain on July 24, 2008

‘Ello fuckers.  I’m Amy Winehouse.

Speakin’ o’ which, that’s ain’t me up in that pic up there.  I gots me a wax person made o’ meself recentsly.  It’s pretty accurate, doncha agree?  I mean, I’m skinnier’n that but damn, they mades me look good.  I can’t wait til Blakesy is out of the lockup so he can see myself at Tussauds.  They real gots all the details down pat, even that tattoo on me arm.  Looks jest like me, doesn’t it?  I thinks they shoulda put more bags o’ coke on me though.  It’s not really me.

Anyway, I’ve been hangin’ low latesly.  With my emphysema an’ all.  I pufohmed still fo’ some bloke’s birthday or whatever.  And Blakesy is goin’ back to the lockup.  Fuckkk.  The docs’ been sayin’ that I really needs to get off my blow or crack or somethin’.  I’d’es know fo’ sure whether r not they know that Amy neeeds her white stuff to live.  But I’m glads that I’m finally gettin’ some good news ’bout me with this wax thing.  At least she ain’t eva gonna go to rehab.



(Photograph via Rediff News)


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