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Confirmed: “From G’s to Gents” is Really Really Boring

Posted by thelanetrain on July 23, 2008

So last night I caught the second episode of MTV’s From G’s to Gents, against my better wishes.  In this episode, the G’s learned fashion tips and put on a runway show to display certain looks for different social functions (sorta like this show, with less pretense).  Then, the Fonz elminated two completely likeable (by both audience and contestant standards) Gs.  Mikey P, because this “wannabe” was really a gent all along (Fonsworth cited his car, motorcycle, and four bedroom house as dubious factors), and Zenel, because he also had everything going for him (apparently he’s an actor slash model). Even though over half the house voted for Kesan to go home, Bentley kept him in the game because he “really needed this”.  Whatever, you know its really because this show couldn’t be any more boring and you had to keep the most troublesome characters in the game (example: Mikey P and Zenel were keeping to themselves while the rest of the cast was caught on tape screaming, yelling, causing fights, starting drama, so typical of MTV).

Next week looks vaguely promising: they all wear matching sweater vests, learn to play cricket, play basketball in said outfits against a bunch of thugs, and Kesan tries to run away!  But to be honest, this show is kind of a bore.  I didn’t even care about anything until the end of the episode.  Could the writers and producers at least try to spice things up?  Even a little bit?  And can someone make this show a little more convincing?  I think Creepa could be replaced with Lil’ John and nobody would really know the difference.


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