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Heidi and Spencer Plan Trip to Iraq, America Dumbfounded

Posted by thelanetrain on July 22, 2008

It’s been a summer of bizarre and stupid headlines for Hollywood’s dumbest duo.  Between feudin’ Spencer and “OMG I’m like Jesus” Heidi, could the Pratt-Montag juggernaut get any more retarded?  Yes it can.

People reported yesterday that the two were planning a trip to Iraq.  You know, like for the shopping, spas, and exclusive clubs that will pay Spencer’s $100,000 partying fee.  Actually, they’e going on a USO sponsored tour to perform for the troops.  Yes, you heard me right, to perform.

While the trip is surprisingly a well-reasoned idea (Heidi’s stepbrother was a veteran of Afghani and Iraqi combat before passing away unexpectedly), I’m not so sure that sending these two to entertain the troops is really a good idea.  Heidi can barely sing herself, and what is Spencer going to do, walk around in a popped collar shirt and dance to bass-heavy hip-hop club jams?

Realistically, they could set up the stage to look like Club Area and have a bunch of extras walk around as Heidi and Spencer argue like children, throwing drinks at each other.  Yeah, I think that would be the best use of their combined talents.


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