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And While We’re On The Subject, Here’s The Trailer For The Hills: Season 4

Posted by thelanetrain on July 22, 2008

I couldn’t help but post this after seeing it first on MTV, then again all over the internets.  It looks like a real-life movie!  With scripts!  Sometimes it’s hard to realize that these people are real people, and not actors.  Oh wait…

But from what I could tell, this season has (predictably) so much drama!  Brody Jenner (he’s not a real person anymore) goes to jail!  A love interest for Whitney! Heidi and Spencer bitch and fight at restaurants! Audrina and Justin Bobby have drama! Lo (who?) shakes things up!

Best part: Watch for LC’s incredibly well timed mascara-infused tears at 1:47.

This is the definition of ridiculousness.

[If the video isn’t working, click here to watch]

(via MTV)

UPDATE 7/23: Another great moment I just noticed: at 1:27, where LC belts out the oh so tired cliché, “This is the part where we need to make an effort,” and puts her hands up in her hair.  Seriously, they could not have hired better people to write the show.


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