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Courts to FCC: Get Over Yourself

Posted by thelanetrain on July 21, 2008

Four and a half years ago (wow, really?), we were all treated to a mini peep show at Super Bowl XXXVIII when a duet between Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson went horribly wrong freaky-deaky.  As the ex-‘NSYNCer reached over towards the end of the song, he apparently ripped off a piece of Jackson’s bustier, exposing her bare breast to the camera for a fleeting half second, and in the process coined one of our decade’s most cherished euphemisms, “Wardrobe Malfunction”.  Naturally, the FCC was all in a tizzy because families with young children were watching and like, it would completely ruin the kids if they saw a bare breast on camera for not even a second that was so heavily blinded by the bright stagelights.  It was absolutely and completely irrepsonsible and wrong for today’s society!  So the FCC did the responsible thing and sued CBS for over $550,000, thus creating a general trend in the broadcasting industry that the FCC would be out to get you if you aired even the tiniest tidbit of something indecent and inappropriate.

Well today, the Los Angeles Times reported that the whole lawsuit finally got thrown out of the courts because the FCC kinda jumped the gun on “a fleeting image of nudity”.  The toss was a huge blow to the FCC’s now legendary indecency policy and has now caused a wave of former victims to retry their cases and challenge the FCC’s authority.  CBS was happy to hear the news, mostly because, well, they just wanted to hear that in some cases, especially when programming is broadcast live, you can’t always control indecent content, no matter how hard you try.  Maybe it will take awhile for the FCC to realize that people are people and human nature can deliver some awesome, inappropriate moments, but for now, I personally hope to see some fleeting images of boobies lighting up the small screen in the near future.  Hooray!


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