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WTF #13: Burger King

Posted by thelanetrain on July 20, 2008

Normally, I love Burger King.  I find their burgers to be vastly superior to McDonald’s, although they still fall behind Wendy’s (and all three are powerless to the supreme diety of the fast food burger).  However, Burger King has committed a string of offenses recently that has made me shake my head in doubt and question the chain’s prowess.  More specifically, these things called “Apple Fries“, and their version of the chicken biscuit.  Oh, and that commercial too.

After The Jump:  More details on the offensive offenses

First, we have the Apple Fries.  At first, this seems like it should be a reason to celebrate the chain on promoting a health-conscious diet for kids and thinking up of a cool way to give kids their fruit.  In the long run, Apple Fries are healthier and a better choice for the little ones, providing them with nutrients and vitamins instead of grease and salt.  However, Apple Fries do pose this lingering question: Do we really have to make apples look like french fries in order to get kids to eat them?  Is this what the industry has come to?

And what about all the food aficionados who will be mistaken by the term?  I thought it was gonna be some hybrid fruit/greasy treat (fried apple sticks…I don’t know, Burger King does weird stuff sometime), but it’s just apples.  And they’re probably charging a shitload for them.  Oh yeah, one more thing.  You can get them with “low fat caramel sauce”, whereas the read deal fries come with fat free ketchup.  Go figure.  You can’t win all the time.

Second, Burger King has slowly been introducing its Chicken Biscuit into its stores.  Now earlier in this blog, I ranted about how awful McDonald’s Southern Style Chicken was, but to my surprise, I have actually grown quite fond of their chicken biscuit.  Burger King’s, on the other hand, is completely inedible.  Imagine a shriveled up, overheated greasy piece of dry chicken sandwiched between a warmed up stale biscuit.  Oh, and there’s no honey you can even jazz it up with.  A huge waste of both money and time, the Chicken Biscuit is also higher in fat and calories than the McDonald’s counterpart.  Looks like the King ain’t so good on this hot breakfast issue.

And lastly, the new ad featuring the King’s kids (link before the jump)?  Please, as if the King wasn’t creepy enough, we have to endure his offspring now?  Sheesh, WTF Burger King?




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