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A Cruel Sign of the Apocalypse

Posted by thelanetrain on July 18, 2008

If you’re planning a road trip in the near future, two words of advice:  Don’t drive around in a gas guzzling SUV, and stay the hell away from Lime Village, Alaska.  This tiny rural village located due west of Anchorage has the pleasure of paying for the nation’s most expensive gas: $8.55 per gallon.  And it’s not an anomaly.  According to Reuters, Alaskans pay an average of $4.65 per gallon at the pump, 55 cents higher than the national average.  All this despite being one the nation’s biggest oil producers, ironically.  The state has begun considering ways to help ease the financial burden of rural Alaskans who pay outrageous prices for gas, one being trying to implement dog sledding, another being trying to cut into the state’s $10 billion dollar surplus.

This almost makes California gas look like a bargain.

(Image via Business Week)


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