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Sesame Street: Now Creating Future Pitchfork Writers

Posted by thelanetrain on July 17, 2008

Oh man, did your toddler or pre-schooler totally surprise you today by humming along the iPod song by Feist?  Maybe it was because, as the video above clearly shows, Feist appeared on Sesame Street earlier this week, revamping her now famous ditty as a way to teach little kids how to count to four.  It’s so adorable.  For god sakes, ELMO IS IN IT!!!  There’s no way you could possibly hate it.  Unless you hate happiness.  And puppies.  And children.

This isn’t Sesame Street’s first foray into the Indie/Alt scene (anyone remember Furry Happy Monsters?), but we’re glad to see such a progressive show take this bold step by teaching kids some good music early on.  We’ll hate the youngest of these millenials when they start writing here (or worse, here), but for now, bravo, Children’s Television Workshop.  You are brilliant.

And for fans of Feist who live in the NYC area, you’ll have two upcoming chances to see her.  Perhaps possibly performing with Broken Social Scene at Siren this weekend, but for sure performing in Bryant Park on Good Morning America on July 25.


2 Responses to “Sesame Street: Now Creating Future Pitchfork Writers”

  1. Ant said

    Hey, as pretentious as pitchfork and rolling stone might be, wait… who am I kidding, I was going try to come up with something quasi-respectable about them, but, I got nothin’. I am a proponent of good music, and while Feist IS hitting the mainstream, and hitting it hard, at least it’s GOOD MUSIC for the masses. Also, anything that may turn people on to her musical stylings before solo-dom, Broken Social Scene, God bless ’em.

  2. thelanetrain said

    True story Ant, I saw Feist live before she like, sold out and all and became a megastar.

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