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MTV Serves Up Yummy Crap with “From G’s to Gents”

Posted by thelanetrain on July 16, 2008

Now that MTV has emptied its Wednesday night slot thanks to the conclusion of The Real World , its summer replacement show could be described as a cross between I Love New York and Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School.  I caught the pilot last night and while it is by no means as lovably trashy as Flavor of Love, it looks as if it has some potential, but most likely, it will go down in reality obscurity.  After all, the top prize is only $100,000.  That buys like, ten fill-ups, or two sets of grills.

After The Jump: The Complete Review

From G’s to Gents presents a simple concept:  Take fourteen guys and put them through a series of mental, physical, and emotional challenges to help reform their gangsta lifestyle by turning them into classy gentlemen and model citizens.  The guys live in The Gentleman’s Club (think more SAE and less Scores) and are expected to do crazy things, like wear navy blazers and act all proper and stuff.  This doesn’t help when the guys are drawn to the club’s open bar and immediately start doing shots of Captain Morgan and poppin’ bottles of bubbly, but alas, this is only the first night of what we hope to be many alcohol-fueled episodes.

The Jamie Foxx (really?) produced show is hosted by J. Farnsworth Bentley.  You may remember him as the guy who used to be Diddy’s bitch.  As the founder of the prestigious “Gentleman’s Club”, he serves as the ruling authority: not only hosting the show but having the power to kick off contestants as well.  The basic formula for each episode is as follows:  Bentley holds regular chapter meetings to talk with the guys about how to be gentlemen, assigns challenges, and gives each of them a black sphere (or as many of them call it, “speer”) with the power to nominate someone for eviction.  At the end of each episode, each contestant drops their speer into the box labeled with the contestant they believe least embodies the quality of a gentleman (or as one contestant put it, “Who they be hatin’ on da most”).  The three contestants with the most votes against them become eligible for elimination, and Bentley then decides which of the three go home.

In last night’s episode, as the guys make their way into the house and get acclimated to their surroundings, we are introduced to a diverse mix of fourteen guys.  The guys drink a lot and get their blazers, but are also told about the importance of a first impression.  They eat dinner and one by one are interviewed by Bentley during the course of the evening.  Drunk guy makes a terrible first impression.  So does overly greasy white guy.  The others are not memorable enough for me to write a comment, except for guy who is homeless but lives in a Mercedes-Benz.  And like most reality shows these days, each guy goes by a pseudonym (you know, so they can get like, real jobs after this).  At the chapter meeting, Drunk Guy can’t even keep his regulation navy blazer on top and wears his trashy white one over it, so he’s gone.  And Bentley doesn’t even like overly greasy white guy, so he’s gone too.  This leaves 12 G’s left, and it looks like they’re up for a season full of ettiquette lessons, argyle socks, cricket, and fightin’.

I still haven’t decided if this show is passable or utter garbage.  Mostly, I’m appalled that Jamie Foxx would sign on to do something so below his caliber, although I appreciate the concept of being able to turn a bunch of tough guys into a group of men.  What bothers me the most is that Americans are still resorting to this kind of reality format as viable entertainment.  I guess we find it funny when loudmouth minority stereotypes are thrown into a house together with unlimited alcohol and start crazy drama fights for our viewing pleasure.  Part of me thinks that the G’s forget they’re on television, but part of me thinks that the only reason they start fighting and act out the way they do is because they’re on television.  And I highly doubt that the show will actually sincerely empower their lives in the long run.  Pumkin from I Love Money proudly declared in its season opener that she didn’t learn a damn thing on Charm School.

It looks like next week the guys will be playing streetball in sweatervests and knee-highs.  Sounds thrilling.

(Image via The Fader)


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