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Idiot of the Week: Jesse Jackson

Posted by thelanetrain on July 11, 2008

I guess this blog would not be doing its job if it didn’t say something about Jesse Jackson’s gaffe this week.  While waiting to be interviewed about the Presidential race, Jackson’s mic was accidentally left on and it picked up some rather unsavory comments of Democratic Nominee Barack Obama.  The most offensive comment, however, can be partially seen above, when Jackson expressed his desire to make Obama a eunuch.  Then Fox News got a hold of the footage and had a field day with it.

After The Jump: Jackson’s words, O’Reilly’s “Best Day Ever”, and what this really means

I’m really not sure what Jesse Jackson was thinking.  Sure, everyone in this country is entitled to an opinion, but when you know you’re being recorded for the whole country to see…please, have some decency.  For the two of you who haven’t yet seen the video on YouTube or Gawker, Jacksons’ disputed words were:

“See, Barack been um, talking down to black people, on his faith based [initiatives].  I wanna cut his nuts off…Barack…he’s been talkin’ down to black people.”

Don’t you just love the irony of this statement alone?  Maybe if you wanted Obama not to talk down to black people (like yourself), perhaps you could start by not making such vacuous threats and learning how to use proper english?  Oh, and don’t be a total dumbass on television either.  Nothing screams “retard” like that.

And while Jackson may have had a bad day, perhaps nobody was more happy to relish in the schadenfreude than conservative pundit/idiot Bill O’Reilly, who not only gleefully played the clip three times during his show that night, but warned viewers that there was “more offensive footage that Fox News has chosen not to show because we are not out to get Jesse Jackson”.  Like to hell you aren’t.  Why on Earth would you even imply that then?  That’s like telling some kid, “Oh, there’s a better prize that’s more difficult to get, but we’re not looking to help you win the most you can.”  And now Fox News is considering airing the more offensive footage.  Looks like Bill O’Reilly is going to have the best newscast ever, because it would make this bastard awfully smug to see anything bad happen to a democratic sympathizer, or a democrat.

If anything, I doubt this would do anything but help to propel the Obama campaign.  One key thing it points out though is that there is not unanimous support for the junior Illinois senator from the African-American community.  This episode does prove that there are dissenters, and Obama should probably take some time to help soothe any rifts he might have in the community.  As for Jackson, I think it will be safe to say that he and Obama will be keeping each other at a guarded distance.

And just to show Bill O’Reilly that sometimes, people do make mistakes, I’m going to post this wonderful video clip of him when he was a two-bit entertainment reporter on Inside Edition.  Note that his ego hasn’t changed at all:


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