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Conseco Claims He Was Madonna’s Original Bat Boy

Posted by thelanetrain on July 11, 2008

The whole A-Rod/Cynthia/Madonna clusterfuck is getting bigger, juicer, and more complex by the second it seems.  Now, the press has been able to drag yet another celebrity into the mix.  This time, it’s former slugger and steroid enthusiast Jose Conseco.  Conseco told Us Weekly that in 1991, he visited Madonna at her Hollywood Hills home and she tried to seduce him, even though he was married.  That’s odd, because usually married men don’t usually go to another woman’s house alone.  While there, Madonna told Conseco that she wanted a Cuban baby with him and that she kissed him.  When he asked about support, her response was:

“I have lots of money. Don’t worry about that.”

Man, and that was back in 1991, when the Dollar was actually worth something!

Also, Conseco hates A-Rod’s guts because supposedly, Rodriguez hit on Conseco’s wife once.  Shocker!  I hope she joins the many women who are lining up to take a crack at the flirtatious Yank.

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