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Guess What? Now Flying Sucks Even More

Posted by thelanetrain on July 10, 2008

Has there been any good news for the airline industry lately?  Notwithstanding the soaring cost of fuel, commercial airlines have been forced to tack on additional fees and cut back perks in order to make ends meet. First, we had American Airlines‘ gall to charge for checked bags, then Continental laid off about 4,000 employees and dropped talks about merging with troubled United.  And today, the latest in a string of bad news, industry runt US Airways announced that it would no longer show in-flight movies on domestic flights.  What gives?

The systems eat into aircraft fuel supply since they weigh a whopping 500 pounds each, saving the airline some $10.0 million, annually. Shares of the Tempe, Ariz.-based airline operator lost 13 cents, or 5.0%, at $2.48 during mid-morning trading on Thursday.

Well that’s a relief, considering nobody I know even flies US Airways, and anyone I know who does complains that it is one of the crappiest major carriers.  But with fuel prices on the rise and the airline industry slowly moving towards a total nosedive, maybe its time to reconsider and rethink the way we fly, or even move about this great land of ours.

Amtrak anyone?


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