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WTF #12: Space Chimps

Posted by thelanetrain on July 9, 2008

I would have really liked to make this post about stupid animal-based animated movies, but given the recent success of Kung Fu Panda, it wouldn’t be fair to lump that into this post (although, by the name alone, Kung Fu Panda should have tanked, but thanks to its amazing cast and high production value and quality, it did well).

No, this post will focus solely on the animation bomb that will be Space Chimps, which I’m sure every parent will be dragged in to see by their eight year old child and their friends.  The only nice things I’ll say about the movie is that the voice talent is good and some of the art looks ok.  Other than that, this has to be the biggest waste of money since Britney Spears’ Wedding.

The movie has every formulaic element of a middle-of-the-road kids movie: a happy-go-lucky yet reluctant hero, a love interest, the uptight pain-in-the-ass, and a villain with a ridiculous name (Zartog).  It’s probably going to have a ton of fart jokes, juvenile humor, puns involving primates and fruit (“Hey! Quit MONKEYING around!” or “I’m going BANANAS for you!”  Haha, get it?  They’re monkeys!  They eat bananas!  It’s funny!)  Plus its being produced by Fox Animation, who should really only stick to the small screen and lay off the silver screen.  Leave the big boy stuff to Pixar or Dreamworks.

The movie has few (if any) endorsement deals and with just nine days until its release, it seems like there’s been relatively little press.  Hey Fox, if you’re so embarrassed about a crappy kids movie that nobody will watch, why the hell did you make one in the first place?  Quit screwing around and start working on new episodes of Family Guy instead.

So please, no more animated animal movies, especially with concepts like monkeys in space.  It’s tiresome, it’s retarded, it’s just stupid.


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