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Third Man Climbs Times Building, Proves Architects Created a Disaster

Posted by thelanetrain on July 9, 2008

Last month, a couple of crazy guys found it necessary to climb to the top of the New York Times building.  And after their individual stints landed them on every nightly local newscast and got them arrested, people thought that nobody would be dumb enough to do it again.  Well today, some other guy proved to us that history can repeat itself.  Gawker reported today that a third man carried a banner up 10 stories before unfurling it.  According to The Daily News, the whole stunt was a protest against Al-Qaeda (so you know this guy isn’t a terrorist, just an overzealous flagwaving American, like this guy).

What I’d really like to know is:  what in the hell were the architects thinking when they designed the building?  Did they not perceive that in a city filled with over 8 million crazies, nobody was going to try and scale the damn building, which is essentially a 52 story ladder?  Maybe they should just cover the building in spikes, or grease the rods everyday.

On the flipside, this is the best thing to ever happen for the Times, considering that nobody really reads newspapers anymore.

UPDATE 7/10: Construction workers are now taking down many of the ceramic tubes on the building’s facade after realizing that three climbers is too many [NYT]


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