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Press Coverage War: Brinkley/Some Dude vs. A Rod in Madonna Minus C-Rod

Posted by thelanetrain on July 9, 2008

Crazy divorces seem to be all the rage in the entertainment world.  This blog has been closely following the Rodriguez divorce, accented with hints of fake Britons and hookers.  However, I’ve been completely ignoring the other crazy divorce that’s been dominating the news, which really shouldn’t be happening.  Both zany episodes should get some amount of equal attention here, but it’s really hard to tell which divorce is more bizarre.  I think it’s time I weighed the issues and found a winner.

After The Jump: The Battle of the Bizarre Headline-Grabbing Divorces

Case #1:  Yankee Panky

The Major Players:

  • Alex Rodriguez – Third Baseman, New York Yankees
  • Cynthia Rodriguez – Soon to be ex-wife of Alex Rodriguez
  • Madonna – Soon to be ex-wife (maybe) of Guy Ritchie, and recent love interest of Alex Rodriguez

The Story:

We covered most of the story already, but here’s the basic info.  A couple of weeks ago, there were rumors that Madonna was unhappy with her marriage to filmmaker Guy Ritchie, and so she began consulting with a high powered divorce attorney in London to help make preparations for a divorce, except Madge told the press that she’s not getting a divorce.  Then last week, the New York papers revealed that Madonna and Alex Rodriguez were invovled in a series of late night trysts at Madonna’s New York apartment.  This didn’t sit well with Rodriguez’s wife, and next Monday, she filed the official divorce in Miami-Dade Family court.  Her chief complaint?  A-Rod’s numerous extramarital affairs (not only with Madonna, but apparently with a lot of hookers as well).  The divorce is still in its early stages.

Why It’s Crazy

Almost daily, a new story is unfurled and added onto the burgeoning war between the Rodriguez’s.  This article describes how Cynthia spent over $100,000 of A-Rod’s money in Paris.  This article profiles a hooker who had a two-night-stand with A-Rod.  And this article talks about how Madonna brainwashed A-Rod with Kabbalah!  Also, Cynthia may or may not have hooked up with Lenny Kravitz, I don’t know.  All I know is that this thing may be young, but damn it, it’s gonna be one messy bumpy ride that I will no doubt be watching closely.

Case #2:  Beauty and the Beater

The Major Players

  • Christie Brinkley – Supermodel who likes to get married a lot
  • Robert Cook – Husband turned online predator and overall weirdo
  • A Bunch of Young Girls – Targets of Robert Cook

The Story

Brinkley first filed for divorce from architect Peter Cook in 2006, but the proceedings have not been made public until recently.  Apparently, Cook had a fondness for young, underage girls (who doesn’t?  KIDDING!), enough so that he would masturbate via webcam to them, solicit sex online, pay nearly 3000 a week to view online porn, and then, had a series of secret trysts with one of them.  Now when you cheat on Christie Brinkley with an 18 year old, don’t think you’re going down without a fight.  The couple is in their final stage of divorce and is now fighting over the custody of their children.  Hmm…who is really a better fit to raise their two young boys?  A PETA activist? Or a pedophile?

Why It’s Crazy

Brinkley’s been married four times, and one of her many marriages was to singer turned drunk-driving enthusiast Billy Joel.  Plus, Andrea Peyser even threw in her two cents on the divorce, shaming Cook and celebrating Brinkley.  The couple has advised each other to see shrinks, they’ve been deadlocked for two years, and THE DUDE CHEATED ON A SUPERMODEL FOR JAILBAIT.  What more could you ask for?

The Winner?

Had the Brinkley-Cooks’ material been fresh instead of just a little over two years old, we’d be happy to cover their sad and angst-filled saga, but the A-Rod affair is fresh fodder.  I can’t wait to see how many floozies this MLB slugger has gone to home with.


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