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Spitzer’s Swallower In Talks for Reality Show

Posted by thelanetrain on July 8, 2008

Ever since March 12, 2008 (never forget), it seems as if fake celebrity Ashley Dupré has been all over the news and taking over our lives.  But being known as “the chick who brought down the governor in more ways than one” isn’t quite enough for the former call girl turned C-list socialite.  Now she’s reportedly in talks to develop her own reality show and become the next Tila Tequila.

According to E!, Dupré has been in talks with MTV for an “unscripted show”.  While her rep (Really?  Even she has one now?) said that currently Ms. Dupré has no TV deal, one close source reported that she is considering a dating-style show.  All this after dropping her suit against Girls Gone Wild for wrongfully showing her young, minor (she was 17 at the time), virginal (ok, I’m not sure about this claim) image on TV to sell soft-core porno tapes!

If she does end up doing the poor man’s version of A Shot at Love (which is impossible, considering MTV just succeeded in getting a guaranteed third season), I’m really excited to see what kind of embarrassing physical challenges she’ll put her suitors through.  Maybe they won’t have to eat gross things like pig vagina and deer rectum, or brand their bodies with stupid tattoos, but if they have to dress up in business suits and wait in fake hotel rooms while she services them and calls each contestant “Client Number 9”, then I’m game.

Or, as I should realistically expect, it could be a total fucking waste of time.

(Photograph via The New York Post)


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