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New “Cheap” iPhone Actually Quite Costly

Posted by thelanetrain on July 8, 2008

Oh man, my head is still spinning from that post way, way back where I calculated the actual cost of a “free” European iPhone.  Originally, it looked as if the cheapest way to go per megabyte was the 16 GB American iPhone.  Well, as it turns out, I may be sorely mistaken.  As this article from PC Magazine, the new iPhone has so many hidden fees, even its fees appear to have fees of their own.  Switching from another carrier to AT&T?  That’ll cost you an extra $36.  Or maybe you want unlimited text?  $20.  How about unlimited data? $30.  So what is the cheapest price for a $199 iPhone?  In reality, it’s $217, and that’s only for existing AT&T/iPhone customers.

Touché, Steve Jobs.  Way to squeeze every living dime out of us honest, hardworking saps.

Click the above link for the full article and guide to how Apple is price-gouging you.


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