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Fight Night Hoax in Arkansas Scares Rednecks, Delights Everyone Else

Posted by thelanetrain on July 8, 2008

Oh man, if only this was for real.  What could be better than cheap cold beer, hot girls, and some amatuer wrasslin’?  Well, how about some very un-pc man-on-man kissing?  That’s exactly what happened when Sascha Baron Cohen pranked about 1500 Arkansans (TWICE) in Fort Smith and Texarkana last month.  The event, shown above, was heavily advertised for weeks leading up to the event, and according to The Smoking Gun, the crowds went ballistic and started throwing shit once the fighters started to go gay for each other.  The prank, in reality, was a hidden camera stunt for Cohen’s upcoming movie featuring his third, lesser known character Brüno, a gay Austrian fashion journalist.

Don’t you just love red states?  It’s just a shame that this guy wasn’t there to witness the action.

(Image via The Smoking Gun)


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