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Viacom Granted Access to Private Information, Videos of People Kicking Each Other’s Balls

Posted by thelanetrain on July 7, 2008

Everyone says we should be careful about what we post on the internet (I will probably hate myself for this blog 20 years from now).  Aside from all-telling social networking sites and controversial blogs, YouTube has now joined the ranks as a bastion for big mega corporations to steal all your personal info that you publicly post anyway.  According to Channel Web, media giant Viacom will now have complete access to personal information generated by YouTube users in part of the decision reached with its $1 billion dollar lawsuit against Google.  Viacom initially sued the search engine company for allowing its users to display their content on YouTube without its permission.  I guess the rights to everyone’s personal information is justified given that we’ve watched that clip of Pumkin spitting on New York about a dozen and a half times.

So remember kids:  It’s still ok to use YouTube.  Just try not to search for or post videos of anything risque or career damaging, like, “leather fetish porn” for example.  Viacom might try to market you directly.


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