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“I Will Be Back” Not as Familiar as “I’ll Be Bahck”

Posted by thelanetrain on July 2, 2008

Today we have bad news and worse news.  First, the bad news:  Terminator 4 (fuck…).  Now the worse news: Someone other than Ahnuld Schvatzenehger will be starring in the upcoming film.  Oh wait, it’s the new Batman Christian Bale?  Oh, I guess that’s ok then.

According to The Chicago Sun-Times, Bale will be playing Schwarzenegger’s signature role of starring in the upcoming Terminator film, Terminator Salvation, as John O’Connor Connor in the next upcoming Terminator movie: Terminator Salvation sans Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Oh, and Bale is comparing it to Batman too.  Bale believes that by him starring in the new movie, he will help to breathe life into a dying franchise, similar to how he resurrected Batman.

Ok first of all, Batman only counted as a dying franchise because somewhere along the way, they decided to cast this hack as Batman.  Second, Terminator has been around since like, 1984, so twenty-four years later, is this tired old franchise really worth reviving?  And third, how the hell is Bale going to pull of that outrageous accent that only Ahnuld can do?

Is there any way we can get Cruz Bustamante to fill in for Arnold for like, a month while he films his 64 lines of dialogue for the new Terminator?  Please?

Update 7/3: Clearly, I am not up to date on my Terminator trivia, and special thanks to commenter John for helping me get my facts straight.  Next time though, try not to sound like an arrogant dick.  I promise that if we ever meet, I won’t touch your Star Wars figures and leave them exactly in the boxes where they belong.


2 Responses to ““I Will Be Back” Not as Familiar as “I’ll Be Bahck””

  1. John said

    Have you ever seen the Terminator? His name is John Connor, not John O’Connor. More importantly, Arnold Schwarzenegger does NOT play John Connor in any Terminator movies; he plays the Terminator. Christian Bale is replacing Eddie Cahill. You should watch the movies before you comment on them

  2. Anna said

    thank you John for pointing that out. Also, why the heck does christian bale think that he is going to be the one to bring back terminator? These movies have never died! Also, “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” have kinda already worked on that Mr. Bale.

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