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Everyone Loses on A Shot At Love 2

Posted by thelanetrain on July 1, 2008

In the season finale that MTV made us wait an extra week for, it was down to Bo, the Ohio gentleman who has a passion for sports and got seriously beat up midway through the series, and Kristy, our spunky former playboy model who claims to also be a bisexual.  Everything was going swimmingly, with sexual themed challenges (melt the ice with minimal clothes to get to a heart inside), and sports bars, strip clubs, and sappy corny dialogue.

Well, it was a tense moment at the final podium, and ultimately Tila picked Kristy over Bo (so for everyone who claims that she’s not a lesbian, surprise!).  BUT WAIT!

In a tearful, emotional moment as Tila proclaimed her saccharine love for blonde doe-eyed Kristy, Kristy faltered.  OMG, she thought, I actually have to be a lesbian now!  I can’t pretend anymore!  So she made up some shitty excuse and told Tila that she couldn’t commit to a full-blown lesbian relationship with her.  Now we know she’s a Westchester kinda gal: saying how much you want to do something and then oops, flaking out at the last minute.  She truly is my hometown hero.  How awesome!

So Bo, Kristy, and Tila left the final episode in tears, regret, and remorse.  You can actually hear Tila lamenting over what’s gone wrong, asking herself, “What do I keep doing wrong?  What do I have to do to find love?”

Here’s a better question my little lesbian lover:  Why didn’t you pick this girl in the first season, because she clearly wanted to bone you.

Looks like we’re heading for Season Three.  Great…

(Images via MTV)


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