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This Just In: Geraldo Rivera is Kind Of a Dick

Posted by thelanetrain on June 30, 2008

Ok ok, so we know that talkshow host-cum-“news reporter” Geraldo Rivera isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer and does some stupid things on TV, but today’s offense was a little uncalled for.  This past weekend, a young russian supermodel plummeted nine stories to her death in New York in what police are now calling an official suicide.  Of course, every media outlet wanted to have the best footage, but always being the envelope-pusher, Geraldo took his coverage too far by showing her bloodied corpse on national television.  And just to make sure the blind could also share in the TMI coverage, Geraldo described the footage by saying:

“These are the last images of her broken body being lifted off the Manhattan sidewalk, where shocked and sickened witnesses watched her smash onto the concrete.”

Fox News immediately apologized for the airing of the footage, but not before The Huffington Post could skewer the network and its knucklehead host:

“A sustained shot of Korshunova’s face, her face pale in death, clearly visible in profile with what appears to be blood at the side of her mouth — that adds nothing to the story other than a horrific, shocking image to gawk at.”

Agreed.  Can someone please do us all a favor and boot this nutjob off the air for good?  Him and his foul mustache have no place on our prized conservative-slanted, anti-fist jab, crude sexual innuendo-filled network.

(Photograph via Dirt Squirrels)


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