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It’s Official: Arrested Development The Movie Set to be Released in 2009

Posted by thelanetrain on June 30, 2008

There have been rumors swirling throughout the entertainment industry about whether or not Mitchell Hurwitz would bring his brilliant (and short-lived) sitcom Arrested Development to the big screen.  Well, its official.  I even joined the facebook group last night.  While promoting his latest film Hancock, Arrested Development star Jason Bateman confirmed the rumors of the to-be film, especially noting the plight in store for the Bluth family.  As MTV reported, Bateman and the other castmates are excited to make the film and add onto the already ridiculous story of George Bluth and his extended family, but cites a solid budget as the main delay for a speedy production.  Because the film would no doubt be targeted to such a narrow audience, “We can’t spend the money for this that we spent on Hancock,” Bateman says.

Well, whatever.  As long as there are plenty of inside jokes, I don’t really care.  And if you’re really hurting for money, just remember, there’s always money in the banana stand.

Oh, and New York Magazine published this great list of Arrested Development jokes they want in the movie.  Mitchell Hurwitz, take note.

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