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Amy Winehouse Punches Fan, Rags on Kanye

Posted by thelanetrain on June 30, 2008

Just when we started to feel sorry for Amy Winehouse, she does something stupid…again.  This time, it was while she was performing at England’s Glastonbury Festival (that’s like their equivalent of Lollapalooza or something…).  As MTV (they are so on the ball today) reports, Winehouse reportedly punched a fan in the front row while performing “Rehab”, then quickly retreated back to the stage while she stared the unlucky fellow down.  Moments later, she screamed to the crowd:

“At least I’m not opening for a c–t like Kanye.”

Oh noes!  We’s about to have ourselves a turf war!

Of course Kanye West found out about this and immediately blogged about it, and of course was a little too generous in the exclamation point department.  You know what else is hilarious?  Kanye gets his news from Perez Hilton.  No wonder he’s so adamant about defending his heterosexuality…

(Photograph via MTV)


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