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Swedes to Try Weddings “Vegas Style”

Posted by thelanetrain on June 27, 2008

Ah, the Swedish.  Inventors of delicious meatballs, fun furniture, and now in their latest incarnation, copycat of the American wedding.  In an article posted today on Yahoo News, The Church of Sweden (not making this up) will carry out drive-thru weddings at a car rally in July in an effort to make marriage more accessible to the public.  Each ceremony will last for about seven minutes, and the rally will have ten priests on hand along with a full gospel choir and Elvis impersonator.  Said the wedding organizer:

“Weddings are getting more and more commercialised and that is not something we have any interest in. We would like to make things simpler and more down to earth when people take the plunge and get married,”

You’re so totally right, because nothing says simple and intimate like a fat guy in white spandex singing “Love Me Tender” while you stick to the seats of your ’62 T-Bird.  We won’t even go into how much this is going to cost with the gas alone, but needless to say, it sounds like this is one thing the Swedish could do without.

Although after reading this, I guess Scandinavia is kind of weird in general.


One Response to “Swedes to Try Weddings “Vegas Style””

  1. Make me smile 🙂

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