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Now We’ve Seen Everything…

Posted by thelanetrain on June 27, 2008

Reality TV Logo

This is not a joke.  An article on Gawker today reports that for a small fee, you (yes you) can sign up for a one-time workshop or series of classes taught by an actor that will show you all the tricks of the trade so that you can appear on a reality TV show…all starting at $139.  “Alumni” have gone on to such great shows like The Groomer and The Moment of Truth, and have really stepped up their game and resumes.  Awesome, so for a small chunk of my rent money I can learn to cut dog hair or confess my deep dark secrets to my closest friends and family plus a viewing audience of millions.  Why wouldn’t we do this?

P.S.  If someone out there has done this or wants to do this, then we want to hear from you.  The next one-day intensive is July 8th.  Somebody do this for us!

(Image via The New York Reality TV School *Giggle*)


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