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Madge to Divorce Guy Ritchie, Hopefully Fake British Accent As Well

Posted by thelanetrain on June 27, 2008

Madonna has been with a lot of guys during her lifetime, including that one guy who knocked her up while filming Evita and made her baby daughter, and even Vanilla Ice!  This year, however, will be the end of Madonna’s longest and most serious relationship.

The singer/actress/amateur director has reportedly been meeting with a divorce lawyer to discuss the terms of her and Guy Ritchie’s possible probable divorce.  According to Fox News, Madonna is hiring star divorce lawyer Fiona Shackleton (resume of clients include Paul McCartney and Prince Charles) to represent her, while Ritchie has apparently been consulting with some other second-tier lawyers.  Moreover, the couple failed to sign a prenuptial agreement beforehand, so as the “civil separation” begins, both parties would be entitled to a 50-50 split of the assets.

But not if Madonna can help it.

In an overly extensive article in The Daily Mail, the reports are that Madonna and Guy are “unhappy”, “utterly miserable”, and that they are “miles apart” and “constantly argue about everything”, and since Guy is ten years her junior and Madonna is worth over £300 million ($600 million for the mathematically challenged), chances are that Madge will likely try to take most of the assets herself.  Rumors speculate that either during or after the divorce, Madonna will relocate to her Manhattan apartment, which she plans to enlarge and renovate for her staff and children.

So now that you’re leaving the UK, you can now get rid of your piss-poor excuse for a British accent, but don’t you dare start talking like this.  You’ll be an embarrassment to the rest of us.

(Photograph via Gawker)


One Response to “Madge to Divorce Guy Ritchie, Hopefully Fake British Accent As Well”

  1. tjr5 said

    Madonna’s Husband’s Wandering Eye

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